Our Sources

We consult real estate records, city 
directories, census records, archival depositories, newspaper archives and civil records, successions, tax rolls, cemetery records, sacramental records and more to write your unique chapter of New Orleans history.

Our Research

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Biographies, house histories, family genealogies...this is just some of what we can do.  We research local buildings, individuals, neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations.  Use the navigation bar at the top of this page to explore the wide range of packages we offer, or get in touch to develop a custom project to suit your needs and budget!

Our Historian

An 8th-generation Louisianian, Tonya Jordan is our in-house researcher.  She is a published research historian with professional experience researching New Orleans real estate, individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and organizations.  Tonya is fascinated by the complex and rich field of study that is New Orleans.  She is particularly knowledgeable about the genesis of New Orleans' many historically significant neighborhoods, and welcomes the opportunity to share these fascinating stories with our clients.  Her first ancestor came to the colony of Louisiane from France in the 1740s, and her family has been here since.  Tonya can read and translate French colonial documents.